What is EL3?

Powered by District 65’s EvanSTEM project in partnership with Northwestern University’s Digital Youth Network (DYN), EL3 is a place where youth can find learning opportunities to pursue either online, in school and out-of school -- Evanston Learns: (1) in school, (2) out-of-school, and (3) online. Through EL3, young people can discover new paths and interests, explore Evanston’s rich resources, and find out what they can learn, make, do and, ultimately, become.

More than just a tool to search and find programs that interest students, EL3 becomes a space for young people to develop their respective learning history. Each program they attend, each skill they master, each APP they conquer, and each project they complete via EL3 is included as part of their learning profile.

Students will have the power to:

  • share their completed projects with friends
  • catalogue their work within their own EL3 resume
  • earn badges that demonstrate a mastery of skills and/or experiences
  • showcase their accomplishments with parents and teachers
  • seek activities where they can level-up their skills

Are you interested in becoming a Partner Organization with EL3?

  1. Become a Partner Organization by reaching out to EvanSTEM, EL3’s lead partner, via email at callamk@district65.net
  2. Promote EL3 to your networks by publishing your programs and sharing out information on social media
  3. Recommend or Connect EL3 to other Youth-Serving Institutions