With EL3, Learning Happens Everywhere

Whether it’s in the classroom, after-school or online, Evanston youth now have one place to go to explore what’s possible based on their interests. Select what you like to do and what career you want to have and start your learning journey. Be it an online coding game, a program at Evanston Public Library, a free event at ETHS, or a special project within your science class, EL3 offers a variety of engaging opportunities.

EL3 is a collaboration between Evanston-Skokie School District 65, Northwestern's Digital Youth Network and Evanston's out-of-school organizations. As an online learning platform, EL3 is a space where you can build your "digital backpack" to show what you have learned and what you can do—to friends, teachers, or parents.

EL3 has a revamped Parent Portal.

Now, parents can see their child’s portfolio of program participation and view any of their uploaded creations.

Parents will also be able to view their child’s profile, highlighting their interests and any earned badges that recognize their new proven skills.