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Waste Toolkit -- City of Evanston

Climate Action & Resilience Plan (CARP)

Every year each person in Evanston produces 725 pounds of waste and 75% of the waste that we produce in Evanston is sent to landfills.

The Waste Toolkit will help students understand the waste system from manufacturing to disposal and what roles they can play in helping to prevent waste, reuse materials, divert or repurpose things that might be considered waste into something useful, and the proper way to dispose of materials to minimize damage to the environment.

Students participating with this Poster will have an opportunity to:

Generate dialogue around the effects of Waste on the Evanston Community.

Understand the benefits of composting, proper ways of disposing of waste, and waste diversion.

They will also understand the negative impacts of Waste in Evanston including water pollution, increased greenhouse gases, general pollution, and energy consumption.

They will also discuss identified solutions through CARP and will be encouraged to collaborate on decisions geared towards helping Evanston reach Zero Waste by 2050.

You can download the Air Quality Activity Toolkit HERE. Scroll down to the "Experience Climate Change Activity" section.

This Tool Kit includes

  • Facilitation Instructions
  • Action Impact Cards
  • Waste Poster Activity

*All information presented in this poster is derived from Evanston Climate Action & Resilience Plan (CARP).

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Age: 4—21
Cost: FREE
Type: Online

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Date(s): 06/01/2020 - 06/01/2021

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