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Air Quality ToolKit -- City of Evanston

Climate Action & Resilience Plan (CARP)

Air quality describes how clean or polluted the air is. The burning of fossil fuels for transportation, building energy consumption, and industrial sites can make air quality worse which can negatively impact health for residents. Some air pollutants like ground level ozone and carbon dioxide also contribute to climate change. Trees and other vegetation can act to clean the air of these pollutants.

With the Air poster students will learn about the relationship between climate change and air quality. They will understand the difference between protective and destructive Ozone, how high levels of Ozone in the atmosphere affect air quality, how industrial waste causes air pollution, and the impacts of air pollution on health and the significance of geographical location on air quality. They will be introduced to how these issues are navigated from a systemic level in the City of Evanston Climate Action and Resilience Plan (CARP).

Students participating with this Poster will have an opportunity to:

  • Generate dialogue around the effects of Air Pollution on the Evanston Community as a result of Climate Change.
  • Understand the negative impacts of Climate change in Evanston including decrease in air quality and increase in, health hazards.
  • Collaborate on decisions to help navigate the negative impacts of Air pollution in Evanston.

You can download the Air Quality Activity Toolkit HERE. Scroll down to the "Experience Climate Change Activity" section.

This Tool Kit includes

  • Facilitation Instructions
  • Action Impact Cards
  • Air Quality Poster Activity

All information presented in this poster is derived from Evanston Climate Action & Resilience Plan (CARP).

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Age: 5—12
Cost: FREE
Type: Online

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Date(s): 09/01/2020 - 05/29/2021

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