What is Code65?

Powered by District 65’s EvanSTEM project in partnership with Northwestern’s Digital Youth Network (DYN), Code65 builds on the national Hour of Code movement. Moving to the next level, this month-long challenge is designed to bring Computer Science Education to life across our district and community.

In December, students in grades 2 through 8 will pursue coding activities in either their coding classes (2nd, 3rd, 5th), their Library Class (4th) or in their math classes (6th - 8th). Students can also build upon their coding skills via the on-line Code65 site at home and/or in afterschool programs hosted by YMCA MetaMedia, Family Focus, the Evanston Public Library or Youth & Opportunity United (Y.O.U.).

We challenge Evanston students, parents, and teachers to Code65 and engage in multiple “hour of code” activities.

What is basic computer science?

Computer science is the science that deals with the theory and methods of processing information in digital computers, the design of computer hardware and software, and the applications of computers.

What is the coding content?

The DYN team has reviewed the 2017 catalog of Hour of Code activities and selected a set representing 6 categories of coding activities: iPad friendly, Snap/Scratch, Mobile Apps, Javascript, and Python.

In addition, the team has sprinkled in a few challenges created by Northwestern’s own SESP faculty. While the challenges were selected to target grades 2nd-8th, they can be completed by any age group. The challenges are also entry level. Upon completing at least one entry-level challenge, students will have access to a select set of challenge pathways.

How does Code65 benefit students?

The online Code65 activities will create an awareness around Computer Science, specifically as it relates to coding.

  • Introduce creative and critical thinking into the mainstream of our children’s educational experience.
  • Give our students, beginning in 2nd grade, an introduction to these key skills
  • Engage our children to help them become creators of technology -- not just users

Students will:

  • Gain and use problem solving skills
  • Find relevance of other subjects
  • Learn persistence and cooperation

What is the challenge aspect of Code65?